Springtime in Haynes: Private Land Estate

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Landscaping Application

New Springtime Address

The landowner acknowledges that the terms of this package require landscape works to be completed within 18 months of the settlement date.

Important Notes:

As detailed in the Contract of Sale, prior to landscape installation the landowner is required to:

  • Install a 90mm PVC pipe under driveway, 4 metres from the carport/garage. This is required for the installation of irrigation
    pipes and should be clearly pegged/left exposed.
  • Arrange for an external power point to be installed next to the meter box.
  • Arrange with a licensed plumber installation of a plumbing cut-in with a 20mm gate valve with back flow protection adjacent
    to the water meter.
  • Ensure that the site is clean and graded to final levels (generally 30mm below the top of driveway).